The sunflower Labs Home Security Drone DJI

Excellence in home security

The sunflower Labs Home Security Drone DJI is the best security drone on the market and comes at an excellent price.

This home security system is fully autonomous. The homeowner never has to pilot, land or launch the drone. If the homeowner wants to inspect certain area of their property, they can use the sunflower Labs Home Security app or Siri integration to command the drone to investigate specific areas of the property.

The sunflower Labs Home Security Drone DJI system can protect up to 6 acres of land and has a flight time of 15 minutes.
This system is set up like ‘Sunflowers’, a ‘Hive’ and a ‘Bee’. The Sunflowers are seen as normal looking garden lights which will be recharged daily by solar powered, they are calculatedly placed around the property to be protected, these lights have sensitive vibration and noise sensors.

The sunflower Labs Home Security systems sunflower yard lights are equipped to locate and detect animals, people, and vehicles using triangulation technology and have a 360 degree radius of detection.
These Sunflower lights are equipped with over 20 sensors that detect vibrations and motion. The sensors will share information with one another, which will reduce false alarms. These sensors learn the properties daily activities and use stored information located on other smart home devices which will help the sunflower Labs Home Security Drone DJI system determine the best alert decisions.

These sunflower Lights will also sense the direction and speed of approach, and they also give any property a wonderful warm lighted ambiance.
When one of the sensors is activated the Sunflower home security system determines an investigation is needed, it will activate and launch the autonomous security drone which is named the “Bee”.

The ‘Bee’ is located on a charging base station called the ‘Hive’. This base station when activated, opens and the sunflower Labs Home Security Drone DJI is launched to investigate the disturbance.
The sunflower Labs Home Security Drone DJI comes with cameras that give the homeowner a 1080p live feed to your smartphone or tablet. The drone also comes with obstacle avoidance sensors, that keep it from crashing into things on the property.

The way this system is set upped the homeowner will not need to launch the drone, when a disturbance occurs the is sent a command to return to the hive. Once the drone has landed the recorded video will be uploaded and stored in the cloud network.
The intelligent computer that controls the entire system is housed in the base station. The base station provides the recharging of the sunflower Labs Home Security Drone DJI and shields it from damage from the elements.

The base station or ‘Hive’ will take about 30 minutes to fully charge the drone or ‘Bee’. The hive should be placed in the backyard, garden or patio, and should be located under an open sky and out of the way from normal activity.
This base station is about the size of a regular sized dog house.
Sunflower Labs home security systems will over time offer additional installation options like roof mounts for the base station or ‘Hive’. This sunflower Labs Home Security Drone DJI system is the cutting edge in protecting your home and giving the homeowner the peace of mind that they need to feel secure.

The projected cost of the sunflower Labs Home Security Drone DJI system will be $159.00 per sunflower lamp and $799.00 for the flying drone and the gears for this security system will be available for lease or direct purchase from the company.