Swagdrone 150-up RTF Racing Drone

I couldn’t get any more excited when I tested and eventually bought this incredible flying masterpiece, the Swagtron Swagdrone 150-up RTF.  
It is the drone you’ve always wanted.  

Swagdrone 150-up RTF, manufactured by Swagtron is a quadcopter which was specifically built for high-speed and is an RTF drone.  
Coated with carbon fiber, it has fast video transmission that can transfer real-time videos among other features.  
What you’re about to explore are the incredible features of the drone. 

The Clean flight Software 

The Swagdrone 150-up is easy to assemble.  
It comes with a remote controller which grants you the ease of agile maneuvering and performing acrobatic stunts both indoors and outdoors, this is thanks to the 3-axis gyro and the installation of the latest F3 flight system.   

You also get to fine-tune it to suit your taste.  
It has been built to obey your desires via the Cleanflight software, and you get to explore the limitless possibilities of flying the drone.  
It automatically adjusts to the experience of the pilot through modes that can be accessed on the controller from primary mode to the highest mode. 

Astounding Camera Qualities 

If you’re an avid lover of having a view from above, this is for you. The Swagdrone possesses a 600TVL HD camera with 110 degrees of view.  
With the aid of the LED headlight and low lights, you don’t have to worry about flying in the dark.  
From skyscrapers views to sunset views, you get to enjoy it all. With Swagdrone 150. 

Location Abilities 

Afraid you may lose your drone while flying?  
You can turn on the locator alarm to pinpoint the exact location of your drone should in case you lose sight of the drone. When the drone flies out of range, the motor powers down automatically within 5 seconds, thanks to the failsafe system planted in the drone. 

Crash Resistance 

Swagdrone 150-up RTF was developed with the ability to withstand a crash.  
The drone has a 0.35 Ibs compact, lightweight fuselage which has been streamlined and bolstered with ABS; all these work together to withstand impact.  
It possesses an antenna which enhances damage prevention when the drone crashes and better heat dissipation.  
In cases where serious damage has been sustained, it can be easily repaired. All thanks to its enclosed modular design.  
You can also activate the kill switch to avoid crashing. 

Transmission and Battery 

Along with the components of the drone is a 7.4V 850mAh 25C 2S LiPo battery which gives the drone a flight time of 7-8 minutes. 

For those who love to have FPV AND VR experiences, the Swagdrone is compatible with the 4-up and other VR devices.  
You can choose from eight channels for HD which operates at 5.8GHz real-time video transfer and is void of FPV delay when flying. 

Via the 5.8G transmitter, antenna, and dual receiver antennas, the drone can be flown up to 500 m for long-range transmissions.  
This is where you activate your camera and explore the services of the video coverage. You view landscapes and engage in aerial competitions with this drone. 

Swagtron Swagdrone 150-up RTF Review Price and Conclusion. 

The price point for this drone goes for $139.99 but can often be found with discounts on Amazon.com 
You’ve read the above comments and description with all its qualities about the drone we think it is a great inexpensive drone with plenty of features.