Redcat Carbon 210 Race Drone Review

Redcat Racing Carbon 210 Race Drone Review 

Carbon 210 Racing drone
Carbon 210 Racing Drone

If you’re one who’d love to take your need for speed to an elevated level, then Redcat Racing Carbon 210 Race Drone was built specifically for you.  
What I’m about to give you is a review of the Redcat Racing Carbon 210 Race Drone. 

The Full Package 

Carbon Racing Drone

The Redcat Racing Carbon 210 Race Drone is a professional racing drone that was built to suit the racing tastes and desires of people who love to race and is also the perfect drone for those who are new to racing with a drone. 

The Carbon 210 is the first drone to be created by Redcat Racing and was always constructed to be ready to fly at all times. The construction idea is based on performance, speed, and durability.  
That’s an excellent start for a company that makes wheels glued to the ground. 

With a chassis made of full carbon fiber that is ready to help in the event of crashes but also to maintain the lightness of the drone, a weight of 7.5 pounds which is not too heavy for a drone like that, you’ll have a swell time in flying it.  

It possesses an HD camera with a real image transmission and is compatible with all FPV goggles and screens currently available. 

Am I worried about crashing while flying?  
The hard outer carrying case is made of aluminum and embedded with molded foam, combined with the airframe this gives the drones great strength and protection during inevitbale crashes. 

Contents of The Redcat Racing Carbon 210 Race Drone 

The drone as stated earlier this drone comes ready to fly . 

Redcat Carbon 210 has the ability to easily maneuver. 
It has 2204 KV2500 brushless electric motors which are four in number and, a speed control 30A ESC which is secured with covers. 

A LiPo battery is installed, which has 11.1V 1500mAh 25C 3S battery life which allows the drone a flight duration of 8-10 minutes. 
A battery charger comes standard with the package. 

It is 7.36 inches long, 7.2 inches wide, 3.66 inches’ high and a wheelbase of 8.27. 

Transmission and Camera  

A 600 TVL video camera is present on the drone to take pictures and recordings as you desire.  
The Camera is also meant as an aid to pilot to help him see where he’s going to.  
Accompanied by the camera is a 25/200Mw FPV transmitter and an on-screen display module. 

The F3 controller has been streamlined for easy use with only buttons to control the drone: no complicated instructions. 

It comes with a radio system which operates at a frequency of 2.4GHz with six channels to dispense. 

Redcat Racing Carbon 210 Race Drone Conclusion and Price 

Overall, the drone is a simple one to start with and is a beginner-friendly drone. 
It deserves a thumbs up for a nice drone with some great features.  
The guide price for this drone goes is around $359.99 which doesn’t include additional items.  
Be sure to check out as this seems to be the place that offers the most competitive pricing.