Medical Drone Delivers Life Saving Kidney in Historic Event.

The future is here with a Medical Drone Breakthrough: as a Drone Delivers the first ever Life-saving Kidney for Transplant

“This whole story is amazing.

Years ago, this was not something that you would think about,” – said the 44-year-old female recipient of the kidney,
She had spent eight years on dialysis before this transplant procedure.

The University of Maryland’s Schools of Medicine and Engineering have successfully delivered a kidney for transplant, by drone, to the University of Maryland Medical Center.

This groundbreaking achievement is a first for medical services and unmanned aviation technology and is set to pioneer an expansion of donor access for transplantation.

As a result of the outstanding collaboration among surgeons, engineers, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), organ procurement specialists, pilots, nurses, made a pioneering breakthrough in transplantation,”

The drone and operating systems designed by UMD UAS Test Site engineers had to achieve rigid medical, technical, and regulatory demands for carrying a viable human donor organ for transplant.

“We built in a lot of redundancies because we want to do everything possible to protect the payload,” –

Anthony Pucciarella, director of operations at UMD UAS Test Site.

The safeguard redundancies required included backup motors and propellers, dual batteries, backup power distribution board, and as a last resort a parachute recovery system in the unlikely event of complete flight system failure.

A specifically designed, high tech rig for maintaining and monitoring a donor human organ was combined with a custom built, eight-rotor drone with multiple powertrains to ensure consistent and reliable performance. It also had to account for component failure – both these systems are pioneering advances in their fields.

Additional technological firsts include aircraft operating systems combining standards from both organ transport and drone best practices as well
as the use of a wireless mesh network for controlling the drone, to providing communications for the ground crew at multiple locations and to monitor the aircrafts status.

James Clarks said

“We had to create a new system that was still within the regulatory structure of the FAA, but also capable of carrying the additional weight of the organ, cameras, and organ tracking, communications, and safety systems.

We had to also ensure it complied when flying over an urban, densely populated area— and for longer distances ”

James Clark School of Engineering said “There’s a tremendous amount of pressure knowing there’s a person waiting for that organ, but it’s also a special
privilege to be a part of this critical and History-making mission.”

As astonishing as this breakthrough is from a pure engineering point of view, there’s a larger purpose at stake.

It’s ultimately not about technology; it’s about enhancing human life they said.

The Future of Drone Deliveries

Amazons Delivery drones are real
Amazons delivery drones are real

The delivery of the kidney is just the start of what the future holds where Drone delivery is concerned.

7-11 in the USA has already completed 77 commercial drone deliveries beating Amazon to the punch, but do not count Amazon out just yet.

7-11 have completed 77 test deliveries by Drones
7-11 have completed 77 test deliveries by Drones

Amazon has been developing Drone delivery systems for delivering Amazon products to its customers and they have already registered Patents for an Amazon Blimp Drone Delivery System, but nothing has been released officially by Amazon about the Blimp as yet.

However, that did not stop a young Japanese special effects student pulling off an amazing April 1st Joke which has gone viral after he created an amazing video showing what appeared to be Amazon’s NEW Drone delivery Blimp.

The video was so good it spread like wildfire and Amazon quickly had to come out and say it was fake.

Either way, we know Amazon has already filed patents for a similar Drone delivery system.

The future looks very exciting for Drones as they are also becoming extremely popular with the mainstream recreational crowd as well as The Drone Racing League is growing by leaps and bounds and will be featured in August on CBS SPORTS.

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