For the drone enthusiast, the Makerfire Micro Racing FPV Drone is truly a sensational item. Made by the well-known drone brand MakerFire, this done has been making waves in the drone-flying circuit. It gives the user a wonderful drone-flying experience and comes with lot of rich features and facilities. It is built in the ‘Tiny Whoop’ i.e. small-drone segment size.


It is an RTF drone, meaning ‘Ready to Fly’. So when you get the drone, you don’t have to worry about assembling it from scratch. No tech wizardry is required and any person with zero technical knowledge about it can start using it immediately. All you need to be is a lover of drones and you have the best one on the market in your hands which is ‘Ready to Fly’. 


You will have your feet in the ground but your eyes will be travelling all over the place with your drone. How’s that for excitement! This drone comes with a FPV mode, meaning ‘First Person View’. This drone has built in camera in front which relays excellent quality live feed to the user when they are wearing the FPV Goggles. So this is as good as flying with the drone, isn’t it? You get to see what the drone is seeing and respond to the view in real-time. Now that’s what you call a mash-up of ‘Virtual & Real’.  


No this does not mean any gory beheadings! On the contrary, the Headless Mode helps the novice user to fly the drone with ease even when they are unable to determine the left or right direction. In such a case, the inbuilt sensor mechanism of the drone ensures that it responds to the command given by the user from the perspective of the user, meaning the drone will not fly left with relation to its own position-mapping with the remote; it will fly in relation to the position mapping of the customer’s view with the remote. Use it once and you will see that it makes controlling the drone so much easier. 


This feature is the novelty of this drone. In case the drone is out of your sight and you are facing difficulty in getting it back, just press the ‘One Key Return’ button and sit back. The drone is equipped with special mechanism to home in on to the remote and it simply flies back to you by itself. It doesn’t get any easier than this. 


Now this feature ensures that if you are not so adept at controlling the height at which the drone is flying manually, then the drone is programmed to do so by itself, leaving you with enough breathing space to focus on the directions you want it to fly into.  


With such rich features, choosing this drone is a no-brainer. The secure packaging with foam on the inside makes sure that it is delivered to you safely. With a generous flying time of 5 to 6 minutes it gives you a really enjoyable experience. At this price range, this drone probably gives you the most number of items than any other competitor. The quadcopter, transmitter, goggles, charger for the goggles and battery, all are part of the standard packaging and make for a really attractive deal.


It is safe to fly around kids and generally safe for its own self as it has all-round protection rings on the rotators. So it will not damage itself nor will it be hurting anyone. Its small size makes it an ideal toy for flying inside your apartment as well. The 6-axis gyroscope ensures a stable flight as well, no matter how the surrounding conditions. And the shark logo is a fun addition to the already fun experience you are going to have flying it. So why wait, go ahead and buy on Amazon.