Geneinno Poseidon Underwater Drone

Geneinno Poseidon Underwater Drone Is the fastest diving underwater drone on the market today!!!!! 

The Geneinno Poseidon Underwater Drone is remarkable in its abilities and is the fastest diving underwater drone on the market.  
This drone comes in two colors, a bright orange and white.  

This underwater drone can reach depths of 394 feet and is tethered.  

The Poseidon is also super portable at a combined weight of 3.4kg and a size of 378*210*88mm.  
Take this drone anywhere for your greatest underwater experiences. 

The Geneinno Poseidon Underwater Drone is equipped with a 1/2.9 CMOS sensor, and a low-light optimized HD 1080p 120-degree ultra-wide-angle camera for real-time live streaming and has a storage capacity of 32g.  
The Poseidon is equipped with a 1200 LM light so the user can take excellent clear videos and pictures at great depths and low light conditions. 

The Geneinno Poseidon Underwater Drone is a very powerful vehicle using a three-thruster design for a quick get up and go capacity.  
This drone can soar through the waters for a combined 5 hours of fun.  

The  Geneinno Poseidon Underwater Drone can be navigated in six different directions, the user can send it upwards, downwards, forward, backwards, and turn left and right.  
The Poseidon is also equipped with a rechargeable lithium 9000mAH battery for the longest underwater journey needed to attain the best videos and pictures possible.  

The Geneinno Poseidon Underwater Drone has incredible connectivity to any topside WI-FI unit allowing for all the live streaming the pilot wants to perform. This underwater drone is so easy to pilot by the user, and can be controlled using your iOS or Android tablet or phone, when using the Geneinno Poseidon Underwater Drone App.  
A powerful Bluetooth controller is also included in the initial package. This Bluetooth controller allows for more advanced control and connectivity of the Poseidon. 

The Geneinno Poseidon Underwater Drone’s sleek high-speed design allows it to be super-fast using the rear dual power propellers. The Poseidon sores through the water at an incredible speed of two meters per second. The Poseidon’s awesome sensors allow this drone to detect and identify the temperature of the water and also the depth.  

The Geneinno Poseidon Underwater Drone is equipped with a self-balance control system and a posture sensor which ensures balanced movements through any underwater situation. The Poseidon also has an incredible Anti-sand design allowing for better durability in the sandy oceans below. 

The great thing about the Geneinno Poeidon Underwater Drone is that it has different packages that can be purchased so you can expand and upgrade to more modules and updated units.  
This drone can be purchased on Amazon and the longer tether package is also available. 
Purchase the Geneinno  Poseidon Underwater Drone today for the greatest underwater experience possible!!!