GDU 02 Drone

I have always had a thing for drones, and I have inspected and bought some drones both for personal use and the company where I work. I have used drones for vacation and work purposes, and they’ve served me well.

Is it regarding capturing fun moments from the aerial view, or inspecting a job done at the workplace? Drones do the stressful work just fine.

Now, I had always thought all drones were all the same at least with little differences between them until I encountered the GDU 02, my newest drone.

This one is different.

The GDU 02 drone, built by GDU tech company is a fascinating device that I tried and still try to fathom how it does what it does so well. GDU 02 has always been an object of interest to me. Yes! It can capture pictures and videos from your desired angle without having to move around, and that explains why the producers gave it the mantra which says “Everyone, Anytime, Everywhere.”

Being the world’s first sliding arm consumer drone design and the latest of its kind on the consumer market, 02 is pledged to give users an all-satisfying experience; one they won’t forget via its unique portable design and a competitive price to match.

According to GDU technology, the 02 screams variation in most areas. One of them is the ability to operate it from two devices.

It provides mobile support as one can get to fly it through the GDU application on a mobile phone which is available for use for Android or iOS users or it can be attached with the central controller. The control via the app can take the drone as high as 260 feet (79.25 m) while the controller can cover a distance of 1 km and a maximum video range of 0.6 miles (ca. 1 km). Isn’t that amazing?

With a 4k camera shooter installed and a 13MP, the drone possesses gimbals that have a 3-axis stabilization which grants the drone the ability to move up thirty degrees. It is imbued with 16gb of internal memory and has a video resolution of 720p which gives a clear image and recording of the activities one desires.

The 264 mm frame size device boasts of a max speed of 33.6mph (54.07 km/h), and ascent and descent speed of 11.2mph (18.02 km/h) and 6.7mph (10.78 km/h) respectively and a battery life of 4,000mAh which is removable for easy swap and enables it to have a max duration 23 minutes of flight and for safe landing.

The drone is designed in a quadcopter style with a sliding arm which is the world’s first sliding arm drone design. This is a distinguishable feat that has is off the records. It is embellished with various autonomous flight modes that are designed to suit the style and taste of the consumer.
There are the GPS, visual, sport and ‘follow-me’ flight mode and others but to mention a few. Some of which give a professional shot from the aerial view with little efforts.
With an astounding feature of detecting obstacles, the device possesses a pair of sensors which ensures you don’t hit an obstacle.

Another feature that makes it stand out is the inclusion of time-lapse and slow motion together on the drone which isn’t common in the market if at all is in the market.
With gesture recognition as part of its features, you necessarily don’t have to hold your controller to take a picture or video. Just a ‘peace’ sign with your fingers tell it that you’re ready to take a shot. And with your palm towards the drone, you’re set to take a video.

The drone is one that can cover events with high accuracy and with no doubt, you’d have a story to tell when you come across it.