Bolt Bee Mini Racing Drone

The Bolt Bee Mini Racing Drone Review

Prepare to be bowled over by this lightning fast racing drone! The Bolt Bee HS150 is a mini racing drone built by Holy Stone, a popular drone company. It can speed its way to 50 km an hour within seconds, making it a breathtakingly fun entry level racing drone. 

Show Us Your Stuff 

The Bolt Bee is a stunt machine! This little performer can do perfect rolls in four directions – forwards, backwards, left or right. Use this function at the peril of being called a show-off. 

Ideal for Beginners 

The HS150 is designed to be easy to use and put together. It comes with a  

“Headless Mode” for beginners, so if this is your first drone, you’ll have an easier learning curve. In Headless Mode, the drone’s computer is programmed to move it forwards, backwards, left or right in relation to the controller, rather than the direction that the drone is facing. Experienced drone pilots say that directing a drone through 3D space is a lot more complicated than it looks, so this function will definitely save some wear and tear on your new machine. 

Transformers, Move Over! 

With its clean lines, aerodynamic shape and double headlights, The Bolt Bee looks like a robot from a sci-fi movie. True to its name, it’s eye candy in unique black and yellow colours. The controller itself is a slick-looking black box with two thumb-sized joy sticks on either side. 

Extra Battery = Bonus Fun 

The Bolt Bee’s lightning speed is powered by its powerful Li-Po 3.7V 600Mah batteries. And it comes with a spare, so you can double your flying time! A typical flight time per battery is about 5-7 minutes, so the spare lets you keep your machine in the air for nearly a quarter of an hour of eye-popping fun! Batteries take 90 minutes to charge, so you have time to put your feet up and recharge too with a drink and snack while you wait.  

Five Speed Settings 

This drone has no camera (as a racing drone, it’s built to cover ground – a camera adds extra weight). Instead, it has five speeds. If you’re flying for the first time, you can take it easy on the lowest speed. Ready to race? You can ramp it up to the snappy 50 km an hour.  

The 6 Axis Gyro is a Worthwhile Investment 

All drones come equipped with an inbuilt gyro for stabilisation, and the HS150 uses the specialised 6 axis gyro. This not only means that the Bee is extra easy and stable to handle, it also ensures no interference from nearby drones. So all your friends can get Bolt Bees – and you can fly them all together! 

Future Drone Racer Pros, Take Note 

Some say drone racing is the hottest new sport, and we can see why! Breathtakingly fast, easy to use, and really cool-looking, the Bolt Bee is the perfect machine for getting your foot in door with this sport.