Racing Drone the Arris C250 technical review

Arris C250 Racing Drone

ARRIS C250 Racing Drone  

I thought I had seen all of it till I came throughout the ARRIS C250 V2 250 mm RC Quadcopter FPV Racing Drone. This is one hell of a Drone.

The Arris C250 is a quadcopter this is fast and responsive and is product of super-robust carbon fiber.

It has a durable body which protects it and decreases the risk of lots damage have to you crash when flying it.
The ARRIS C250 additionally boasts of a diagonal wheelbase of 250 mm, a 3-blade propeller and 4 mm thick palms, made from carbon fiber fabric which is very strong and durable.

With a weight of 142g, the drone is constructed in a easy shape and has the strength of excessive capacity. Thanks to the set up of a cutting-edge metal shaft.

Battery Life

The battery lifestyles is robust on this one, it has a excessive protection of 4S 15mAh 50C LiPo battery which provides the quadcopter an excessive performance 2300KV motor for better overall performance and longer operating life.

The BEC at the flight controller provides the electricity for flight controller and digicam.
The battery presents the ability for the video transmitter.
This improves the anti-interference of video transmission.
It is likewise equipped with a sturdy fan that reduces the warmth dissipation.

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The battery life offers the drone a ten-minute flight duration and it flies inside a 900 m range.

Installed inside the battery is a tower structure ESC/PDB, easy to assemble and smooth to restore. It comes with a notable light body of 136g.


This drone possesses a 5.8G mushroom antenna to present it a traditional look for video transmission.
It transmits a variety of forty channels and weighs 10g.

A tower shape is aboard the drone which does the paintings of shielding the ESC whilst flying.
Thanks to the tower’s integration with the OSD, the drone can get a quick reaction to the throttle during flight. The Arris C250 additionally has Radiolink AT9 with R6DSM receiver drone.

Endowed inside the drone is a tiltable ARRIS XAT700M FPV Mini Camera which enables you to peer in which you’re headed with your drone.

This camera performs properly in both vivid and darkish situations with a 700TVL extremely good image. Other payloads are four brushless automobiles, headlight cables and a European adapter for charging.

It is likewise managed effortlessly thru its SP Racing F3 flight Controller.

With the green ARRIS X2205 2300KV brushless motor, the ARRIS C250 possesses an splendid strength.

If you’re searching out a racing drone then be sure to test out this exceptional racing drone.

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The Arris 250C has HEADLIGHTS: 

A wonderful feature of the drone that makes it stand out is the endowment of the ultra-vibrant headlights which gives you sufficient illumination when flying inside the darkish.

With the excessive brightness LED bulbs mounted on the two sides of the C250 Frame you get masses of illumination even in the darkest conditions.

LED Lights that change Color

you could trade the shade of the LED mild thru the DIP switches, and there are seven colorations from which you could select.

Sound Buzzer Helps You Find the Drone

The Arris C250 has a function that we love, and that may be a location Buzzer.

If the Drone lands and also you cannot see it, snatch the far flung manipulate and this could permit the pilot to set a threshold and find the drone through the help of the buzzer and the activate the controller.

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Overall we truly preferred the Arris C250 Racing Drone and simply favored the fact that it has headlights and the buzzer characteristic in an effort to are available in very useful.

The REVIEWS on Amazon are high-quality with it presently having a 4 big name score and customers have asked over forty eight questions to those who have bought it and some of the solutions make very informative analyzing.

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