The coolest racing drone for indoor and outdoor excitement!!!!!! 

The ARCHANGEL MICRO DR1 (SPEKTRUM) 2″ was made to give the user the ultimate pleasure of a racing drone built for speed in all environments indoors and outdoors. The ARCHANGEL MICRO DR1 (SPEKTRUM) 2″ is produced in the United States and is one of the fastest RTF FPV racing quadcopter drones on the market. 

The ARCHANGEL were created to honor the 2018 DHL champion series produced by DR1 Racing. The ARCHANGEL MICRO DR1 (SPEKTRUM) 2″ is a produced ready to fly drone. This drone is totally designed for extreme racing speeds and can be operated easily by almost any user. 

An incredibly durable drone!!! 

The ARCHANGEL MICRO DR1 (SPEKTRUM) 2″ is made of carbon fiber, steel hardware, and thermoplastic polyurethane which allows the drone to be extremely durable.   The ARCHANGEL is a very powerful vehicle and come equipped with prop guards which gives the drone extra protection against crashes and collisions.  

This drone has the performance and the massive power to be thrilling in outdoor and indoor flight. The ARCHANGEL MICRO DR1 (SPEKTRUM) 2″ and is controlled perfectly giving the pilot time to hone their skills while practicing indoors and outdoors. When you master this Quadcopter, you could become a true contender in any racing competition! 


The ARCHANGEL MICRO DR1 (SPEKTRUM) 2″ is equipped with a High-resolution camera. This camera is a 600 TVL and will produce crisp energetic videos. This drone’s camera has a wide FOV of 120° this can help the pilot attain the beautiful shots they have always wanted.  

The ARCHANGEL MICRO DR1 comes equipped with FOV and the pilot can control and view the drone using the FPV goggles and this feature is ideal for drone racing. This drone is equipped to give live video speeds and all recorded memories can be transferred through USB 

The ARCHANGEL is a powerful vehicle!! 

The ARCHANGEL MICRO DR1 (SPEKTRUM) 2″ comes equipped with four 1107 – 7500kv brushless high efficiency motors giving the user an extremely powerful drone to command. These motors power the eight – 3-blade propellers (2040-gemfan Hulkie) . This include four CCW propellers and four CW propellers. The ARCHANGEL is also equipped with a side mount VTX. 

The ARCHANGEL is equipped with LED lighting allowing for night flights. This drone also has a halo lighting effect which is one great feature of the ARCHANGEL.  The ARCHANGEL MICRO DR1 (SPEKTRUM) 2″ is equipped with a Archangel 650 maH 2s (7.4) lipo long life battery. This drone package also come with one installed battery strap and one lipo battery balance charger. The pilot controls this extremely fast drone using the Fatshark 101 flight controller. 

Incredible lightweight flight performance!!! 

The ARCHANGEL MICRO DR1 (SPEKTRUM) 2″ is incredible in flight and at a weight of only 165 g this drone can just move at Incredible speeds with excellent handling and control in any environment. The archangel has a maximum range of 0.1 km and a maximum flight time of 3 minutes.  

The ARCHANGEL is also equipped with three flight modes and depending on the experience of the pilot of the drone you can set this drone to Horizon, Acro, and Angle and hit super speeds while shooting incredible video of all your extreme activities. 


The ARCHANGEL MICRO DR1 (SPEKTRUM) 2″ can be purchased on Amazon