Airselfie – Air ZEN

The Amazing Lightweight AirSelfie AIR ZEN

The AirSelfie AIR ZEN is the only drone that is equipped with the AirSelfie Holdings’ Flight system, which allows the drone while airborne to follow subjects.

This is an amazing super lightweight Italian designed drone.

This drone is one of the thinnest, lightest drones you can purchase today, this allows for the best portability options around, so you can transport the drone anywhere.

The AirSelfie AIR ZEN is operated using your smartphone and this gives the user the ability to make amazing top-quality HD photos.

This is one of the smallest and lightest drones on the market today. The AirSelfie AIR ZEN has a plastic carbon reinforced body and the AirSelfie Air ZEN is so lightweight that it has all the thrust and power needed to take the most amazing digital videos and pictures possible.

This drone’s is equipped with turbo fan propellers and generates amazing power.

The AirSelfie AIR ZEN comes with a13-megapixel digital camera that gives the user a120-degree field of view, and it will record videos and pictures in 4K. The amazing AirSelfie AIR ZEN is necessary if you want the best lightweight drone available.

Record the memories you have always wanted
The user will create amazing photos or videos with the AirSelfie AIR ZEN which comes equipped with a built in 13 MP camera.
This Drone’s high definition camera gives the user a 120-degree field of view which gives the pilot ability to make amazing videos, selfies, and photos. The AirSelfie AIR ZEN is amazing.

Power up WI-FI
The AIR ZEN when powered up generates a 2.4 GHz network giving the user WI-FI so, you can transport video and pictures anywhere. An amazing automatic technology to behold!!!

Protecting your endless memories
The AirSelfie AIR ZEN is equipped with a 16 GB Micro SD memory card. The user can store of all you’re amazing experiences shot taken while on location. In using this technology, the user can protect all memories you have captured.

AirSelfie AIR ZEN Battery
This AIR ZEN lightweight drone is equipped with a 400mAH 7.4 LiPo battery. This gives seven minutes of flight time. Just attach it to the power bank or use a USB-C cable when the battery needs recharging. Once the battery is fully recharged you can launch the AirSelfie AIR ZEN drone into the air again for all the fun needed.

The power bank
The AirSelfie AIR ZEN power bank is perfectly integrated with the 16 MP digital camera and this allows the power bank to recharge the drone fifteen times before the power bank must be charged itself. This gives the AIR ZEN 105 minutes of flight time. This gives the pilot the ability and all the time needed to take the most amazing pictures and videos.

The most amazing drone around
The user can use an iOS or android device to operate the AirSelfie AIR ZEN. When studying the way to operate the AirSelfie AIR ZEN The app is user- friendly and little time is needed to be a master at operating this drone.

When you learn how to operate the AirSelfie AIR ZEN the amazing experiences will unfold and be yours.

How to attain the AirSelfie AIR ZEN.
You can purchase the AirSelfie AIR ZEN on
Extra packages can be added for additional prices.

Stick this drone in your pocket and gain the most amazing experiences possible.